Make your dream come true


Have you ever dreamed of flying a plane? Do you want to know if aviation is made for you?

If you want to fulfill your dream of being a pilot to be a pilot, do not miss this opportunity.

Flight time: 3 hours.

Theoretical time: 3 Hours

Location: Granada Airport

Price: € 795.

Ideal gift for: Flying fans, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends, flight simulator fans, those who want to be pilots …

The course of initiation of motorized flight by plane is designed for those people who want to have a first contact with the world of aviation in the mode of motorized flight.

During the course you will learn the basic concepts of piloting and navigation aimed at obtaining the title of private airplane pilot.


In addition to being a course aimed at those who want a first contact with the piloting of airplanes, it is also aimed at those who wish to continue their training to obtain the license of private airplane pilot PPL (A). In this sense, the hours that are carried out in this course will count towards obtaining said degree if it is decided to take the course with us within a period of one month from the completion of the initiation course.

The course consists of 3 theoretical sessions and 3 practical sessions, the ideal is to do it in at least two days.